Louis Vuitton Totally MM Replica Review

If you are on the market for a Louis Vuitton totally MM monogram style bag, you’re definitely going to have to pay close attention to details. There is no shortage of low-quality and cheap knock-offs that try to pass themselves off as class A replicas.

This review of a top-notch Louis Vuitton totally MM replica puts to bed any misconceptions you may have had about the difference between a knock off, a rip-off, a copy, and a replica. There are many other product designations, but they all have one thing in common.

They’re trying to reflect the timeless elegance and classic design elements of a genuine Louis Vuitton item. The problem is of the 4 categories of imitations that I’ve mentioned above, you should only shop for a replica.

That’s precisely the product that I’m going to review below.

High-quality product fidelity

The number 1 thing that you should look for in any kind of imitation that claims to be a replica is just how faithful it is to the specifications of the genuine item. In other words, if you go to the Louis Vuitton design showroom in Paris, the replica must either come close or completely carbon copy the specifications of the LV monogram totally MM bag you have your sights on.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. At the very least, a high-quality replica would have the following specifications. The width must be 16.9 inches, its length must be 6.7 inches, and its height must be 11.8 inches. When you’re using the handle, the drop measurement should be 11.2 inches.

That’s how you know you are at least in the ballpark because if the copy that you are thinking of buying doesn’t have the right specifications, it should be off-limits to you. It’s going to be a waste of money.

Pay close attention to the canvass

The canvass exterior must, of course, feature the classic LV monogram. This is the superimposed L and V letter characters bordered by the 4-star symbols. This alternates between the other characters or shells.

This is crucial because this is the part of the bag that most people will see. You have to pay close attention to just how well the surface of the bag looks like the genuine Louis Vuitton monogram totally MM bags on the official Louis Vuitton website.

So look at the consistency of the covered canvass surface. Is it the right shade of brown? Or are there different shades? Is one part of the bag covering material lighter than another part? Are there splotches or slight color differences?

If you find any of these, then the product that you’re looking at is not the bag for you. Forget it. Drop it. A high-quality replica must pull off a flawless rendition or version of the original when it comes to the canvass covering because this is what makes up most of the bag. This is the first thing people see.

Does the exterior match the standard design?

When you look at the bag, it must have 2 side pockets that are open. They don’t flop open nor are they rigid. They just have to have the right amount of rigidity. So if the bag doesn’t stand up or it’s too soft, or it’s somehow wrinkled even though it’s supposed to be brand new, then you have a problem on your hands. That’s not going to pass most people’s authentication checks.

Next, pay close attention to the leather straps. The trim must also be made out of leather. This leather is called vachetta leather. It must be soft to the touch and not too rigid. So look for any cracking or any sign of a bad dye job.

Smell the cavass as well as the leather. Can you detect some sort of chemical scent? That’s a dead giveaway. On the other end, is there no scent at all? That’s also a bad sign.

The hardware never lies

The next step is to look at the zipper and the hardware. Pay close attention to the latch. Are these all made of real metal? Try to flick them with your index finger’s nail. Does it seem weird? Do these items seem light? Take a close look at the zipper. Is it straight? Is the stitching well aligned?

Usually, bad copies try to save manufacturing costs on the hardware. This is why they tend to fall apart when it comes to the gold-colored hardware. Louis Vuitton monogram totally MM bag features hardware that has a bright gold color.

Look for any kind of discoloration or uneven coloring. Pay close attention to the surface of the metal. Assuming that the latches and other metal pieces are made of genuine metal, see if they’re too thin. This is another hallmark of a low-quality imitation.

Also, the thickness must be uniform from one end of the metal piece to the other.

Take a look on the inside

The inside lining is basically where the action is when it comes to authentication. It should have a textile lining and there have to be 3 interior open pockets. If you don’t find an open pocket, then you are looking at a bag fake.

If there are only 2 pockets, that’s also still a problem. You have to understand that high-quality Louis Vuitton monogram totally MM replica bag must live up to factory specifications both inside and outside.

Verify the authenticity code

Look at the interior tag where it says the product is made. Look up the date code for the bag that you’re inspecting and make sure that the first 2 letters actually can be tied to the claimed place of origin. So if it doesn’t match, then you are looking at a bad fake.

The final word: Louis Vuitton totally MM replica review

This review of the LV totally MM replica should give you enough information on how to shop for this copy the right way. Don’t just get taken in by the fact that the bag holds up and has that amazing monogram LV pattern.

You have to look at the smaller details because most low-quality manufacturers of LV knock offs will put a lot of effort into faking you out with the shell. But by paying close attention to the other details above, you will be able to find the right bag to buy.

It’s the details that really add up and can make a big difference between a high quality yet affordable replica and an out and out cheap fake. Know the difference.