Fake Louis Vuitton Shoes

Where to buy the very best fake Louis Vuitton shoes

If you’re in the market for replicas of Louis Vuitton shoes, you know full well what you’re trying to avoid. It’s not just about saving a whole lot of money buying replicas instead of genuine Lv leatherwear, it goes beyond that.

It’s too easy to buy fake Louis Vuitton shoes online but the problem is, most of those products are going to give you away. The moment you put them on and you head out that door, you run the risk of people doing a double-take.

Some are more obvious than others but if you buy lousy fakes, that’s exactly what you get. Some people are more subtle in how they do their doubletake, while others are going to get up on your face and make you feel embarrassed.

Who wants to deal with any of that drama? I know I don’t.

When I was shopping for fake Louis Vuitton shoes, I knew what I had to do.

I had to pick an online store that will make sure that whatever fake Louis Vuitton shoes I do end up buying from them will not embarrass me, or give me away.

This should be your mission if you are looking for this type of high-end leather goods replica. The Louis Vuitton brand is a solid and world-renowned luxury institution for a very good reason.

LV embodies elegance, sophistication, and an uncompromising commitment to quality. They set a very high standard and that’s why I don’t get it when people try to shop for fake Louis Vuitton shoes and replicas focusing solely on price.

I understand that price is a big factor because most people don’t have a few extra hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars to shell out for authentic and legitimate LV items. I get all that.

But this doesn’t mean that just because you are looking to spend a fraction of that amount in buying replicas, you should just jump at any occasion to buy from a seller that offers shoes with the LV imprint on it.

Let me tell you, doing that would be a big mistake. Why? You’re not just looking to save money but also you’re looking to get all the brand cachet and quality of an LV item without being found out.

Now a lot of people think that this is too much to ask for. As the old saying goes, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” According to this logic, you get what you pay for.

Not true if you know where to shop. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my journey in looking for the very best source of fake Louis Vuitton shoes.

It hasn’t been an easy journey because as I’ve mentioned above, there are just so many online sellers pushing obvious fakes and lousy knockoffs. The hook that they use is predictably at a very low price.

They keep telling you that they make a big deal out of the fact that they offer Louis Vuitton replicas. Well, there’s a big difference between a replica, a lousy fake, or a substandard knockoff.

A replica, just by examining its name, gives the sense that you are looking for something that is an exact copy of the “genuine item”. The only difference is the price.

That’s the standard you should be looking for when it comes to sellers of fake Louis Vuitton shoes.

The hallmarks of high-quality fake Louis Vuitton shoes

As you go from one seller to the next it’s important to zero in like a laser on what high-quality fakes should look, feel, and smell like. Otherwise, you’re just basically thinking, taking shots in the dark, and rolling the dice with your fingers crossed.

Last time I checked, none of that is a winning strategy. It would be a shame for you to spend all your hard-earned money on obvious fakes.

It may not seem all that obvious to you but the people who see you walking around in your fake Louis Vuitton shoes know and worse yet, they won’t tell you. They’ll just giggle behind your back.

Who wants that? To protect yourself from that situation, you have to know the hallmarks of high-quality fake Louis Vuitton shoes.

In my journey of looking for the very best source of these shoes, I found out certain characteristics and techniques that you should be aware of.

It’s all about the leather

Please know that Louis Vuitton has over 200 shoes on offer. That’s how many items LV offers in their online store.

There’s a lot of design and a lot of these shoe cover, from moccasins, loafers, boots, sneakers, arch light designs, mules, and they even have trail sneakers.

But if you were to look at all these items, you would see some commonality and it’s these common features that you should insist on when looking for the right fake LV vendor.

Pay close attention to the material

Whether you’re looking at fake Rivoli sneaker boots or an LV Vendome loafer to a matchup sneaker with the checkerboard design on it or you’re interested in picking up a waterfront mule, pay very close attention to the main material.

For example, if you are looking at the fake Hockenheim moccasin. Look at the majority of the leather that makes up the shoe. If you have your eyes set on an LV trainer sneaker, look at the material that makes up the upper portion of the footwear.

You get the point. Does it look real? Touch it. Does it have the right texture that comes close to the real deal?

If you haven’t handled the real model, smell the top portion of the shoe, run your fingers to the side and the surface, and ask yourself, “Does this seem fake?”

“Is the material even decolored or consistent?” Because of the base material of the shoe is synthetic, uneven, or fake, then you’re just giving yourself away.

Now, of course, this is harder to do if you’re looking at an LV trail sneaker, which has synthetic parts but even the synthetic material should be consistent and have an even quality to it.

Remember, Louis Vuitton has built a worldwide reputation for its attention to quality. And just because they released 1000 to a 1200 dollar sneaker made of synthetic synthetic materials, doesn’t mean that their quality standards go out the window.

You have to look at the overall quality of the product because it has to be there. A high-quality fake doesn’t have any obvious quality defects as far as the materials go. It has an even consistency and texture from piece to piece.

Even if you’re looking at footwear that has different sections to it, each section has been made to a consistent level of quality. Now, compare this with a cheap and low-end knock off.

It should be obvious to you that the number one consideration of the manufacturer of that item is to save money. So they’re going to use uneven products, they might use leather that has different levels of sheen or different textures depending on the part you’re looking at.

When it comes to synthetic materials, the edges might be frayed or some parts may look faded or dull. When it comes to comparing materials, remember your goal.

Your objective is not to look for a genuine Louis Vuitton item because we all know that you have to pay through the nose for that. That’s out of the question.

Your focus should be on picking an online source that has the same commitment to quality as Louis Vuitton so their offerings are distinguishable from the real deal as far as non-experts go.

Put simply, you should look for an online store that stocks only Louis Vuitton that pretty much only LV experts can figure out.

But for the rest of us, average consumers, are indistinguishable and the best place to start is the material because this is the most obvious.

Pay close attention to how the monogram is presented

One common hallmark of bad fakes is that the LV monogram is either dull or obviously printed on or somehow badly aligned. In other words, it’s just not placed properly on the product that you’re expecting.

So this is a dead giveaway because Louis Vuitton can charge so much money for their products on the power of their brand logo alone. They are going to take great pains to position the logo consistently in all of their products.

Because if they’re random about it, then it could be easily faked and people don’t have to spend several hundred or even a few extra thousand dollars for that item because they don’t need to.

There’s a tremendous amount of consistency when it comes to where the monogram logo is placed. So be aware of where it’s supposed to go and take a good hard look at how the fake Louis Vuitton shoes you’re thinking of buying present the monogram.

If it is consistent with the real LV shoe model that the product corresponds to, then you’re in the right place.

Pay close attention to the overall shape

A lot of LV shoes have interesting shapes from their sneaker line to their boot line, and definitely to their moccasins and mules. Bad fakes disregard the shape.

They just focus on the placement of the LV logo or buckle or whatever distinctive item that designates that product as an LV item. They drop their guard as far as the overall shape of the product goes.

There has to be a very close approximation between the overall shape of the footwear, especially mules and moccasins with the original. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of being spotted a mile away and people thinking, “Why is this person wearing fake Louis Vuitton footwear?”

You should pay close attention to this issue. Go with a store that at least offers the same shape as the original.

Pay close attention to both the front and the back of the shoe because oftentimes, the thickness of the sole gives away the fake – it’s either too thin or too thick. Generally speaking, low-quality fake manufacturers try to save on materials as much as possible so they tend to skint.

For example, if you’re looking at a genuine LV sneaker or moccasin that has a thick sole when you compare it to the fake, the fake would have a thinner sole, or there’s a piece that is thinner and uses less material.

Take note of the logo placement

High-quality fake Louis Vuitton shoe sellers, p[ay close attention to the placement of the logo. They make sure that the logo is positioned right and has the right amount of visibility.

This is a big deal because low quality fakes either overplay the logo or make it front and center so the shoe is just a logo with which accidentally has a shoe attached to it.

Or they underplay it so much because their focus is on selling the shoe based on price. These are common mistakes.

And the good news is by displaying a little bit of attention to how the logo is placed on the sole, you will go a long way in detecting bad fakes.

Pay close attention to any hardware

If there’s any metal hardware on Louis Vuitton shoes you’re getting, one of the best hallmarks of a well-made replica is in the shoe buckle. This applies, of course, mostly to LV’s moccasin line.

But if there’s any metal piece on your shoe, this definitely should be your analysis. First, look at the metal. Is it made out of metal? Or is it colored plastic?

Then take a look at how the LV buckle is centered. Is it off-centered or not? Next, look at the thickness of the metal compared to the top with the bottom.

Is it consistent? Does it seem that the manufacturer is shaving off metal to save money?

Also, look at how shiny the buckle is. Does it look like it has two different colors? Or does it have a consistent shininess?

Finally, after you bought a replica, hold them in your hands. Does it seem off? Or uneven? These can be giveaways as well as low-quality and fake LV leatherwear manufacturing.

What to look for in a high-quality source of fake Louis Vuitton shoes

Since I’ve successfully found a great source of fake Louis Vuitton shoes during my shopping journey. I can confidently share with you the following hallmarks of a solid online source for this type of merchandise.

First, they have to have a wide selection of high-end replica sources. Don’t just focus on one outdated design.

They are at the top of their game, and they are very versatile so they have many different vendors, and they make sure they cover a lot of the hot current designs offered by Louis Vuitton.

Unless you’re looking for some sort of historic model, this is the way to go. It is also an indication that the online store now has the staff and the commitment to quality to be able to pick out high precision, high quality, and high-value replicas because if they just offered the three shoes, that’s a red flag.

It means that they have a tunnel vision when it comes to spotting fakes or determining quality. The moment they upgrade their line and they just offer something different, you really can’t be sure if you should buy that product.

But when you deal with a company that has a wide selection, it means that they have a quality assurance system that can handle such a diverse assortment of designs.

Attention to detail

The second thing that you should look for in buying from an online source of fake Louis Vuitton shoes, is the attention to detail that they give to the products that they offer.

High-quality sources and don’t have anything to hide. They’re not going to present you with blurry pictures and give you very basic descriptions.

Instead, they present their wears in the same way as legit sources of genuine LV products.

You can look through the description and check out the pictures and this should give you enough of an impression as to the overall quality of the replica products that you’re going to buy.

There’s nothing hidden and they’re not trying to in any way to mislead you. This is the key, you only need to deal with online retailers that will work with you on what you see is what you get basis.

Quality assurance

You know you’re dealing with a great source of quality replicas if there is some sort of assurance of return if you are not happy with the product.

In other words, the right online source of fake Louis Vuitton shoes should be so confident in their ability to pick out and offer high-quality items that you can ask for a replacement.

Steer clear of fly-by-night operation. Doesn’t matter how much money you supposedly save, but if they can’t even back-up their quality standards, you don’t have any business placing an order with them.

Order with full confidence

For all the reasons I’ve outlined above (SHOP NAME) is your best bet when it comes to fake LV shoes. Believe me, I’ve gone through a wide range of sellers and I’ve been disappointed again and again.

I’m even including in this analysis Corner Store or Swap Meet and other offline sellers. By sticking to the hallmarks above (SHOP NAME) can deliver the kind of high-quality faux LV footwear you’ve been looking for.

Their consistent commitment to the highest quality standards ensures that you get full value for your hard-earned money.