Fake Louis Vuitton Backpack

My Fake Louis Vuitton Backpack Shopping Journey

If you’ve been impressed by the amazing Louis Vuitton backpacks, you are in good company. People all over the world have fallen in love with the backpacks that have that repeat LV shell pattern. Louis Vuitton, after all, has established a name for itself for several decades.

Great brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight. The Louis Vuitton luxury brand house must have been doing something right for consumers from all four corners of the globe to demand Louis Vuitton backpacks, shoes, bags, belts, purses, and anything else that could be made out of leather or canvas. That’s how LV’s historic attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship is desired. There’s really no other way to explain it.

LV is such a powerful brand because you know you will get quality. Now, if you’re like me and a lot of other consumers, you are also aware that authentic Louis Vuitton backpacks can cost an arm and a leg. They are not cheap. So, if you’re like me who is seriously looking to bridge the gap between the quality that the famed LV logo brings to the table and affordability, you definitely are going to be in a pickle.

There’s really no other way to describe it because, as popular as Louis Vuitton has become, there are just so many cheap fakes out there. Here’s the problem: If you don’t know what to look for when it comes to shopping for fake Louis Vuitton backpacks or a high-quality LV backpack replica, your chances of getting burned are high.

How Do You Know You Bought the Wrong Fake Louis Vuitton Backpack

Determining if you have bought the wrong faux Louis Vuitton item is actually quite simple. It doesn’t take any guesswork or any other kind of advanced planning. How would you know? When people look at your backpack more than once. I found this out the hard way. I bought from a low-quality and very cheap source of fake Louis Vuitton backpacks and I regretted it.

The moment I passed by a crowd of people, they stopped and looked; some more obvious than others. But I knew people were looking. I could feel their eyes on me. That’s all you need to know when it comes to determining if you have bought the wrong fake product.

The idea behind buying high-quality Louis Vuitton backpack replicas is for people to take a look and assume that it’s the real deal. That’s the effect that you should be looking for. You know there’s going to be a problem if they do a double-take or stare at you. Talk about embarrassing.

Imagine showing up to a first date or a job interview, or worse, a high school reunion with what you thought an awesome Louis Vuitton backpack only to get laughed at. If only it were that simple and obvious. But the sad reality is many people would do a double-take and then start talking behind your back. They won’t even give you the courtesy of smirking or laughing so at least you know what’s going on. The worst part is when all these things are happening behind your back.

Avoid the Unnecessary Drama By Buying A High-Quality Fake Louis Vuitton Backpack from the Right Source

If you don’t want to go through all the unnecessary hassle above, it’s quite simple: You need to decide to do only business with online sellers who can sell you high-quality Louis Vuitton backpack replicas. There’s a big difference between a “replica” and an “imitation or knockoff”. An imitation is simply just a lame attempt at mimicking the Louis Vuitton logo, design, and look.

If you look at a typical imitation or low-quality fake that you can easily come across online or through eBay, it’s day and night when you put them side by side with the real deal. You don’t need to look any closer. You can spot the fake a mile away.

There are three levels of quality when it comes to fake Louis Vuitton backpack products. You have to be aware of these three levels of quality. And by being aware of them, you would know that you’re dealing with the right shop because they only sell top-tier replicas.

A replica is supposed to be an almost indistinguishable copy. A fake, imitation, or knockoff is something much less. Either the manufacturer produces something that somewhat looks like a real Louis Vuitton backpack but upon closer inspection, it’s easy to write it off or they totally screw up and come up with a product that is obviously a fake.

You know you’ve bought a high-quality replica when the person trying to check out your backpack has to go through many different hoops to walk away with a certainty that you have a faux Louis Vuitton backpack on your back. That’s how much work, focus, and attention to detail they must have for them to know the truth.

In practical day to day terms, a high-quality fake Louis Vuitton backpack is going to pass the basic inspection. So when you’re passing by a crowd or you’re showing up at an important meeting or event, people won’t do a double-take because the product you have meets superficial standards.

For people to really know, they have to get up close and personal and they might even have to ask you to take off the backpack and let them open the zipper and take a look at the linings; that kind of thing. Nobody’s going to do that.

So, in terms of practical effect, you are using a real Louis Vuitton leather item. That is what you should expect from a high-quality dealer of this product.

Why I Trust My Fake Louis Vuitton Backpack Online Store

As I mentioned earlier, there are three levels of determining fake LV items from high-quality replica dealers.

Hardware Authenticity

The Achilles’ heel of any LV fake item is not the leather, the straps, or the overall design. Viewed from a distance, you can pass off the backpack you’re wearing quite easily. No problem with that. But when somebody gets close enough to take a look at the brass hardware, that’s where your replica manufacturer has to truly deliver.

This part is the most obvious giveaway. If the backpack with LV monograms and logos that you own has zippers and latches that are faded, or worse, comprised of different brass shades, you have an obvious fake.

Again, your job is to make sure the product you’re using is not obvious. The most basic inspection of hardware must yield the following:

(1) High-quality replicas feature real metal. You bought a lousy knockoff from your source if the hardware is actually plastic or anything that is not metal.

(2) The metal hardware must be thick enough. If it’s clear to you that the store that you bought from features products that have minimized metal hardware, you should return the product that you bought because you’re going to stand out like a sore thumb. Louis Vuitton did not build a world-renowned brand by being cheap on metal hardware.

Whether it’s the zipper “teeth” or the latches’ clasps or any other piece of hardware, it has to be thick and impressive. That’s how you know you’re dealing with a high-quality fake Louis Vuitton backpack.

Level 2 Analysis

After being disappointed by many different stores selling supposed Louis Vuitton backpack replicas, I came across this one store that passed second and third level authentication. These levels are not easy unlike hardware detection with zippers, engraved logos, or buttons. This level requires a trained eye.

Hardware tends to jump out at you. You only need to look at how the “LV” is stamped on the metal or the quality of the metal (assuming that the fake you bought uses metal at all). Hardware is easy to detect. But for level 2, you have to look at the monogram print. A high-quality fake LV backpack will have a surface that has a monogram expertly placed on the surface of the outer shell of the backpack.

This means that there is no yellow or off-yellow coloring to the monogram. That’s the dead giveaway because, not only does this betray the fact that the manufacturer used substandard materials, but their printing is off. A high-quality replica will sport a logo print that is brown and not too bright or yellowish.

Of course, you cannot go to the other extreme. If you notice that the “LV” monogram is too dark, that’s also an indication that it’s an obvious fake. A high-quality replica features a subtle contrast between the monogram and its background. It doesn’t jump out at you and scream out “I’m fake” or “I’m badly-made”.

Level 3 Analysis

Logo and Date Codes. The reason this is the highest form of authentication and why most online sellers fail this level is because they can easily get away with it. Why so? Well, for your fake Louis Vuitton to be authenticated by a suspicious friend or some hater that you come across, they’ll have to ask you to take off the backpack so they can look inside. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. And most people won’t do that because that’s too tacky.

They may be thinking that you’re walking around with a fake but they can’t be certain and that’s the whole point of choosing a shop that sells replicas instead of obvious fakes or knockoffs. There is a difference between these two because an obvious fake is easy to spot a mile away. There is no guesswork involved.

But you know you’re dealing with a high-end and high-quality source of fake Louis Vuitton backpack products when the only way to determine its fakeness is for you to take off the backpack and show the inner lining.

Level 3 authentication boils down to logo stamps and the date code. The logo stamp has to be finely stitched, that is, the stitching on the edges are evenly aligned and must have the same number of stitches at the top and the bottom and on the sides. This mirrors the stitching of the genuine Louis Vuitton article that costs a whole lot of money than your replica.

Pay close attention to the stitching of the logo stamp. That’s when you’ll see that the store that you bought from is the real deal when it comes to selling high-end fakes because you almost can’t tell. It’s the same number of stitches; they’re all straight and flat.

Bad fakes, on the other hand, have bunched up stitching; they kind of bulged up and they’re cramped. They’re not stretched out and even. Also, another dead giveaway is the number of stitches at the top is different from the number of stitches at the bottom, and the same goes with the stitches on the side.

Finally, when it comes to level 3 or deep-level fake detection, pay close attention to the date code. This is made up of two letters and then four numerals. As long as you can see the four numerals, you can stop worrying about that. What you should focus on instead is the two letters because these letters must match the declared manufacturing location.

Louis Vuitton has published online a list of leather codes that refer to the countries where their items are manufactured. If you notice that there are two letters in the date code and you look up the country and it doesn’t match the logo stamp then that’s a fake. But keep in mind that most people won’t be able to do this level of analysis because it would mean you have to take off the backpack, show them the item, and they have to look at it closely.

But this is very important in determining whether you’re going to be buying from a high-end fake Louis Vuitton online store or a distributor of low-quality garbage. If they can’t get this right, it means they shouldn’t ask for a lot of money for their fake Louis Vuitton backpack. Why should you shell out your hard-earned dollars if they can’t do this right? You’re looking to save money by buying a fake but it has to live up to level 3 or highest-level replica quality standards.

Blowing the connection between the date code and the claimed country of manufacturing should be an eye-opener for you. Keep in mind that Louis Vuitton bags are only produced by LV in the following countries: Italy, France, and the US.

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